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01 August 2010 @ 11:25 pm
 Here's finally some pieces of my fav show "GLEE", hope you'll like it <3

[1-25] Glee cast icons
[26] Achele banner


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17 June 2010 @ 09:56 pm
Hey, guys) Just wanted to share with you some Glee art I made, it's not banners or walls, just some pieces I did for my tumblr page, hope you'll like it)


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04 May 2010 @ 06:47 pm
Haven't been here in ages and missed your wonderful comments so so much!!! Today's not very big update but still very precious for me, cause here you can see my fav show, my fav ship and my fav girl) Hope you'll like it:

Smallville: Chlollie (Chloe/Oliver) (the reason why my belief and hope in this show were renewed) two hot blondes, what else do you need to drool?! LOL
[10-22 ] One Tree Hill (I'm gonna cry if it'll end this year, LOVE all of it) 

SIGS (were requested on wonderful forum z10.invisionfree.com/Defying_All_Odds)
[23-29] Vanessa Hudgens (you have no words to describe how I love this girl and wish her all best in this world)


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10 December 2009 @ 05:20 pm
Hey, guys!!! WOW, I haven't been here for almost half a year, such a bad updater I am LOL Hope you'll like my 'returnish' update)

[1-10] Smallville:SuperBlur
Our modern SuperMan, oops… I mean SuperBLUR Clark Kent, made it by request for Ksite girl JoAnne, hope you’ll find smth you like)
[11-20] The Office:Jam
OMG!!! I can’t believe I finally got my hands on them, I just love this couple so so much I can’t even express it in words, my heart is just full of JAM <3
[21-28] Emma Watson
I just can’t walk past these awesome shots of our favorite Hermione, she’s too gorgeous)
[28-39] Bandslam: Sa5m (5 is silent)
No matter what ratings say I’m so proud of our girl!
[40-47] Vanessa Hudgens: Identified Album Photoshoot
Not just a fantastic-looking, but also an amazingly-singing V)
[48-58] Vanessa Hudgens: miscellaneous shots
Did I say that she’s my biggest girl crush?
[59-78] TCA2009: Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale
Can I say one more time that Dane Cook is a total A**HOLE?!
[79-85] Vashley: random stuff
They’re perfect BFFs, the cutest and giggliest ones)

[86-88] Vanessa Hudgens
[89-90] TCA2009


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03 July 2009 @ 04:15 am
Hey, guys!!! WOW, can’t believe it, I’m here, finally! Yeah, that was a loooong ride way back home) 4 months, wow, what can I say, I missed your comments) BUT I had an important deal to end and now finally I can tell you that I passed all final exams, wrote my graduation paper and finishED my institute!!!!!! Now I’m an adult and searching-for-work member of society LOL
I haven’t been here for ages BUT I came here not with an empty hands but with the hugest update I’ve ever had! In it you can see:

[1-27] Vanessa Hudgens (Vasquez, Elle and random shoots, this girl is my idol)
[28-39] Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens (also known as adorable Zanessa during Lacker’s game at 19 april, gosh, can they be ANY cuter and MORE in love?!?!?!)
[40-47] Smallville, Bride episode (Chlois and Chloe-goddess)
[48-71] Smallville Promo S8 (Chlark, Chloe, Chlollie – want them together, like, NOW! LOL)
[72-77] Kristin Kreuk (Amazing pics from Fitness mag)
[78-88] Elisha Cuthbert (this beautiful girl is a special gift for one of my favs girls on Ksite – Haley)
[89-99] Emma Roberts (love this girl for her talent and, ok, she’s a perfect Nancy Drew, isn’t she?!)
[100-107] Harry&Hermione (couple is too good to skip it and I DON’T care what was written in HP books, I love them together! LOL)
[108-113] Jordana Brewster & Paul Walker (these are consequence of “Fast and Furious 4” release, love this movie!!! The second best after the 1st one, and Mia and Brian are BACK!)
[114-125] Kristen Stewart (gosh, this girl was hilarious on MTV Movie Awards so I think she deserves these avis, besides I love her LOL)
[126-139] MiSa (Prison Break golden couple. I still hate everything and everyone who decided to end this awesome show by, what?! Killing the sense of it – Michael Scofield! But I love this couple SO much, well and not only the couple, as you can see by my new header LOL, that I’ll try to survive it just to rewatch their minutes of happiness again and again)
[140-150] Narnia (King Peter and Queen Susan, love all of them but my inspiration has its own tricks LOL)
[151-161] One Tree Hill (I think the ONLY drama-love-show that I still can’t wait to watch even if it’s a 7th season already)

SIGs of
[162-164] Vanessa Hudgens
[165-166] Emma Roberts
[167-170] Kristen Stewart
[171-172] Bethany Joy Galeotti

AND I HAVE A NEW HEADER, MY GOD, THIS MAN IS PERFECT IN ALL WAYS AND SENSES (for the first time in my life I wish I could be marry to a man I didn’t even meet)


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23 February 2009 @ 12:07 am
Hey, guys))) Verrry glad to see you here and so sorry I haven’t been here for so looong. It’s totally my fault, I might say I will try to change myself, but it’s hopeless, its’ just who I am, so…)
Tonight we have only avis. But they’re still cute and I hope you’ll like it)

SO, today we have:

24 avis of Emma Watson, I swear this girl become more and more gorgeous every day, doesn’t she?!?!?! When I saw these fantastic shoots, I just couldn’t walk past them, gosh, I even can’t take my eyes off them, aren’t they mindblowing?!

8 avis of my favorite Edward and Bella. There are a lot of gorgeous pics with them, caps or shoots, I even can’t choose which ones to use for avis, sooo difficult, bad thing that in a day only 24 hours, if there will be more, I’d make more and more and more avis LOL

8 avis of Zac and Vanessa, recently I found out that I really love that couple) They became stars but they’re still usual people. Together and in love) I hope that they will be happy with each other, and maybe it’s really stupid, but I believe that what they have - is real)))


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Hi, guys) I'm here again, but, unfortunately, only with a new heager. But, I must admit, it's kinda cute, isn't it?)
I tried to collect all my fav couples from both movies and tv shows. Well, Valentine's Day is on the way and I hope that this header will help you to believe that even the most imposible, difficult and strange relationships can turn into something beautiful.
And though it's only in a week, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you, guys)))
LOVE YOU ALL, yours, Luna :kisses:
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25 December 2008 @ 02:38 am
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
And A Happy New Year!!!
YAY!!! Merry Christmas TO ALL OF YOU, guys!
I wish that ALL your dreams came true and in this wonderful (and I’m sure of it) new year!

And I have a Christmas update for you) Well, it’s not Christmas, but an update, a usual update, BUT with a Christmas spirit!!!

Today we have:

28 avis from SMALLVILLE “Bride” episode
15 avis from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, my guilty pleasure, I LOVE this movie and I LOVE these people, so love me or hate me, I don’t care, I’ll still LOVE it LOL
13 avis of SYLAR/ELLE or ZACHARY/KRISTEN for my beautiful Lex'sLover from Ksite forum. HEY, HOPE YOU’LL LIKE YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT)))


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21 November 2008 @ 10:16 pm
Hey hey hey))) It’s time for a new update and today it’s totally TWILIGHTish – YAY!!!!! I’m just a little bit late for the premiere) I don’t see it yet, but I’m totally going to watch it this weekend so on Monday – be ready for my opinion)
Some of today’s arts are made for my friend depp_paradisfan - hope you’ll have a great choice)
Ok, today we have:
37 Twilight avis
12 Twilight signatures 200x500
And I decided to repost here my recent Twilight WALL 768x1024




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26 October 2008 @ 03:33 pm
Hi, Everyone) I decided to try something new, as my friend Daddylion said, you need to do something besides avis) So I made some headers for my friend depp_paradisfan, who requested them. Here we go - 5 headers with Johnny Depp’n’Tom Welling and 4 headers with Vanessa Paradis’n’Kristin Kreuk. Aaaaand a WALLPAPER!!! I’m a new one with walls, so be good – it’s a TWILIGHT wall)))




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